Before You Paint The Brick On Your Home, Consider These Hidden Expenses

Sometimes, a homeowner wants to change the appearance of their brick home and painting it comes to mind. Before you make this decision, let us give you few things to think about first.

It Is Permanent

That’s right, kind of like getting a tattoo. Once it is on there, it is there to stay, more or less. Yes, there are restoration cleaners and strippers that will remove the paint, but it is an expensive process and it is not going to bring the brick back to its original look.

Maintenance Will Be On-Going

One of the benefits of having brick is that it needs very little to no maintenance. Once you paint your brick, you’ll have to repaint it ever-so-often. And we aren’t talking about the time to paint, but the expense of having to paint it. Over and over and over. It would be much less expensive to add some different bricks or stone to the façade or change out the shutters.

Water Damage Soon To Follow

Brick has to breathe, so when you paint them, it blocks the pores and they can’t. When they can’t breathe, they can’t expel the moisture and that is going to lead to water damage behind them which could seep through to the interior walls.

When there is moisture built up behind the brick and the weather turns cold, that moisture will freeze up and then thaw, and the cycle will continue. The bricks will begin to deteriorate over time, and you won’t see it because the paint covers it up.